SIAMC canvas

Strategic identifying and analyzing modeling canvas (SIAMC)

The tool is developed by Sia Valentinova in 2014. It is giving unification of the most important elements from the most important classical strategic analysis tools, following a “canvas model”.
The process of usage of the tool is based on the focus, logical sequence and needs of the technology new ventures. It is connected with the identification of product-market fit, defining of the borders of competition, discovering of the competitive advantages of the company and the definition of the strategic goals of the technology new ventures. For each of the categories in the strategic analysis tools, a set of guiding questions was created.
Working with all 11 categories in the canvas gives technology new ventures the basic information, necessary for building of a successful strategy.
The process of usage of the Strategic identifying and analyzing modeling canvas is realized here.

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Describe the Mission, Vision, Values, Priorities and Aspirations of the Company


What are the Strategic general goals, the company whats to achieve?

Key Resources

How Key resources give us advantage?
 -technological (innovation, patents, licenses)
What are the technological capabilities of our company?

Key Partners

-How do the key partners add value to our product and gives us advantages?
-Who are our key partners? (Suppliers, distributors, other companies, ect.)
-What partnerships in the channel of distribution can give us an advantage?

Value Propositions

-How is our product adding value to customers? Why customers buy our product?
-How our product outperforms those of the clients?
-Towards which group of clients is our product pointed at?
-How our products create culture amongst clients?
-Job to be done(JTBD)
-Unique selling proposition of the product
-What level of quality is enough to gain competitive advantage?


-What is the scope of our bussiness? (geographical and professsional and people group, focus or global)
-How we can have advantage based on the scope we are in?

Customer segments

-Who are our checked customers?
-What is the scope of the market?
-Towards which group of customers is pointed our product?
-What is customer`s main motivation to buy our product?
-How can we get, keep, grow our customers?
-What is the most valuable feature ou our product for our customers?

Key Competitors

-How competitors are threatening our success?
-Who are our competitors/substitutions? In what are they better at? Is this the core competence and key reason for customers to buy such a product?


-What channels are we going to use? What are preferred by the clients?
-How used channels of distribution are giving us advantage?
-Which channels are giving us higher advantage – own or foreign?

Key Competences

-What key(core) competences do we need to have/aquire?
-How do these competences raise the motivation of customers to buy our product?

Pricing and revenue streams

-What is our price category?
-How does our business model give us advantage?
-How are our revenue streams giving us advantage?

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